Yves Cormier

Yves Cormier

When Yves Cormier decided to start his own mortgage business in 2002 in his hometown, he knew for a fact he would succeed. His goal, quite modest, was to write up one mortgage a day, five days a week on a yearly basis. He felt this was a realistic goal for a small market, but one that would allow him to make a decent living. Less than 10 years later, he’s writing up 300 mortgages a year, with 30 million dollars in funded volume, and regularly making Canada’s Top 75 list of best mortgage brokers… in a small town of less than 20 000!

After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in business Administration from New Brunswick’s Université de Moncton, Yves Cormier worked in the finance sector. In his early forties, he opened his own mortgage business. Six months after setting up shop, and showing consistent increases in sales, he grabs the attention of Invis who sees his potential. He grows with this company, and despite skepticism within the finance community, he continues to make record sales. His next goal? 40 million dollars in funded volume, and being semi-retired at 55! Not bad for a businessman who dealt with naysayers from banks and credit unions!

Now with Verico, Yves Cormier’s business is called Cormier & Cormier Consultants.

Cormier & Cormier Consultants

69 St-François Street, Office 202
Edmundston, NB E3V 1E5

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